Remembering Tupac Shakur A Cultural Icon


The words Tupac and Shakur are associated with greatness. Tupac was an outspoken rapper and actor, that as influenced past,current and future generations. He was a poet that spoke to the heart of men that had endure the same life crisis that he had endured and survived.

His music had layers that could relate to different fibers of society.He told stories in his rap. His song ‘Brenda’s got a Baby’, is possible one of the best songs written in the pass two decades. It provide social commentary on molestation,poverty,prostitution and neglect.There are many more songs that reflect the depth of his talents but Tupac’s greatness was often over shadowed by his antics and his jail stints.
Every and any thing that was done by Pac was emulated.His famous ‘Thug Life’ as been copied by fans and artist alike with varying interpretations. Pac was also known for his piercings that Lil Wayne as copied and made his own.

Unfortunately Tupac’s life would be snatched from him by the same lifestyle that he had glorified. Following a brawl at a Vegas hotel, the rapper was murdered. Today marks the fifteen anniversary of his death, and there as been no arrest in the case. His family,friends and fans are still wondering “Who Killed Tupac?”

Since his death the rappers estate as release several albums, which have led to conspiracy theories about the rappers ‘death’. Many fans think that Tupac is still alive and have indicated that his new material references current events that the rapper could not have know about at or before his death.

Regardless,of any conspiracy theories one thing that is certain is that Shakur is an icon and as influenced both music, culture and fashion.


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