Born and raised in Barbados, when Rihanna burst on the scene in 2005 no one expected her to become a fashion icon or have the career that she as had. When ‘Pon de Replay’ debuted, reggae was making an impact in pop culture as artist like Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder and Elephant Man had hit songs on the radio. Rihanna at first struggle to find her sound and identity with her first two albums.

In 2007, everything came together for the now superstar. She had the right album at the right time. When the video for Umbrella premiered fans and critics saw a new Rihanna. Her style,direction and image had been reconstructed. Her once flowing hair had been cropped in to a bob and her outfits were more revealing. Every young girl that I knew was running to the hairdresser to get ‘ The Rihanna’.

Since then, every album that she as released as come with a new look. When she released Rated R, the sides of her head was shaved in to a Mohawk and her locks had been dyed blond.With the release of  her ‘Loud’ album the singer sported fiery red locks. When the singer was spotted with wavy brown hair many fans speculated that she would be releasing a new album, which she later confirmed that she would. Rihanna’s style can be compared to that of Madonna. Madonna as also sought to reinvent herself with every  new project that she takes on.

Whatever Rihanna does with her style and hair in the future there is no doubt that fans and celebrities like will be watching.

Checkout the images below


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