When R Kelly released the Love Letter album I thought that his days of raunchy sex songs and albums where behind him, apparently so did many other fans. The singer as revealed that he has no intention of letting freaky Kelly go as he announced on a radio show that his new album is called ‘Black Panties’. You read right ‘Black panties’.’It’s the new ’12 play’, Mr. Kelly gushed. I have to admit that no one makes sex music like R Kelly but I was and still am enjoying his grown and sex swag on the ‘Love Letter’ album and wanted him to continue on that path.

He also took time to address issues like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, throat surgery and the fore closure of his home. One thing that you can count on Robert to be is honest (well almost all the time).

On Trey Songz verbal attacks

I was pretty numb. I don’t feel those type of things man. It’s like I’m bullet proof when it comes to beef. I don’t deal with beef. I love steak.

Chris Brown’s potential

I used to lecture him all the time. I’ve got the upmost respect to Chris Brown. My hat goes off to him. Because why? He got in the studio, he did what he was supposed to do and he bounced back like a round ball.

R Kelly also confirmed that his first single of the new album will be ‘10 minutes


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