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It has certainly been a rough year for Fantasia,who as been slander as a home wrecker and selfish mother. The singer who reported tried to kill herself after her relationship with a married man went sour. Fantasia then went on a public campaign promising her fans that she had grown from the experience and was learning to love herself more.

A few months ago new broke that ‘Tasia”(as she is called by her family and adoring fans) was expecting her first child with a married Atwuan Cook;the same man that she had tired to kill herself over.Many fan were disgusted by Fantasia action but which her the best with her pregnancy. Well, it turns out that the producers of the Mahalia Jackson biopic and Mahalia’s family members were not impressed with Fantasia decision and wanted her removed from the film as she was causing bad publicity.It is also understandable that Fantasia’s life is the distinct opposite to the one that the gospel singer lead.Fantasia called up the “Wendy Williams Show” to set the record straight.

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